Faces of 9 youth 6th through 12th grades at Bethel


Our Youth Ministry offers opportunities for youth in 6th – 12th grades. About twice a month, youth are invited to participate in the Worship service (beyond lighting the candles each week). You may see youth helping in the sound booth, being ushers, reading scripture or even serving communion. The remaining Sundays, a Teen Sunday School class is offered, geared to the unique faith needs of our youth and how to bring their faith into action in the community.


Teens are invited to participate with the younger children in the monthly youth outings. They also have activities of their own including Confirmation class, Hot Shots Worship Band, Our Whole Lives (OWL) classes, lock-in’s and regional youth events. We encourage our youth to get involved in the aspects of church life that appeal to them. Bethel is blessed with a number of adults who are willing to mentor and support the young people in our community. During the summer, youth are encouraged to attend Camp Adams, the United Church of Christ regional summer camp. Bethel has activities throughout the year that raise money to support youth in attending camp.

Activities and Accomplishments of Youth at Bethel UCC

Boys jumping into lake at Church activity

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