Beaverton High School Homeless Youth

Homeless teen sleeping on park bench


Beaverton High School had 92 students identified as homeless in October, 2017. As a BHS Community Partner, Bethel members have committed to providing food for especially needy homeless students the two weeks of Christmas Winter Break and the week of Spring Break. Homeless students receive 2 free meals a day at school when it is in session but none during these break times. Food for three meals a day will be provided to 80+ homeless students for both breaks in the school year.

Birthday Cards For Homeless Teens, Beaverton OR

Birthday Cards For Homeless Students

Bethel supports homeless teens at Beaverton High School by donating school and personal supplies, sending the students birthday and graduation cards and raising awareness about the homeless youth in our area. Each student receives a birthday and graduation card with a $10 Fred Meyer gift card.

Rummage Sale Clothing Donated to Beaverton School District Children

Rummage Sale Clothing Donated to Beaverton School District Children

After the annual Bethel Rummage Sale, school supplies and large bags of clothing, suitable for high school students, were donated to the Beaver Den at BHS.

Beaverton Homeless Youth Need You

By donating to the Beaverton Homeless Youth programs, you can provide food, supplies, clothing, and a little birthday and graduation money for the homeless students of Beaverton High School. Most importantly, your donation will translate into a practical show of love and support for the young people in our community who desperately need it and greatly appreciate it. Won't you please give?


Contact us if you'd like more information about the homelessness problem at Beaverton High School, or if you would be interested in volunteering time to support these important programs. Thank you!

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