Beaverton High School Homeless Youth

Homeless teen sleeping on park bench


Groceries for homeless Beaverton High students were provided by Bethel UCC volunteers and other Community Partners for 2019 Spring break. Principal, counselors and student describe the impact on students and their families.

Beaverton High School had 130 students identified as homeless in March 2019.. Homeless students receive 2 free meals a day at school when it is in session but none during break times. As a BHS Community Partner, Bethel members have committed to providing food for three meals a day for these especially needy homeless students during Winter and Spring Breaks each year. This Spring break, 3 meals times 16 days times 130 students equals 6240 meals total. Over 2 tons of food provided by Bethel Members, Holy Trinity Church and Jesuit High School Alumni!

About 8 weeks before the delivery of the food, we draw up a list of potential meals and think about what foods we have available to us through Oregon Food Bank. First, we choose USDA foods. Then we look at low cost foods and lastly at the slightly reduced in price foods available through OFB. We also think about what foods teens prefer and foods that might be easy to prepare. We make sure there are snacks! We order food over the seven week period leading up to delivery at the school. Fortunately, various people contribute money, foods and volunteer time that make the project work!


Beaverton Homeless Youth
Need You!

By donating to the Beaverton Homeless Youth programs, you can provide food, supplies, clothing, and a little birthday and graduation money for the homeless students of Beaverton High School. Most importantly, your donation will translate into a practical show of love and support for the young people in our community who desperately need it and greatly appreciate it. Won't you please give?


Contact us if you'd like more information about the homelessness problem at Beaverton High School, or if you would be interested in volunteering time to support these important programs. Thank you!

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