How Can I Make a Difference?

With all that is going wrong around the world, it is easy to believe that things must be getting worse. Surprisingly, the world is actually getting better. But still, not all people are fed, not all people are sheltered, and not all people are safe. There remains work to be done, around the globe and right here in Beaverton/Portland. You can make a difference here at Bethel. Click any of the links below to find out how.

Global Missions

Global Missions allows us to reach out into the world. Bethel is involved in our greater community in many ways...     More

Social Justice

Recognizing our common humanity and desiring a fair allocation of community resources is a golden thread running through the Bible...     More

Food Security

The Oregon Center for Public Policy found that over the past three years the percentage of Oregon households with low food security rose at the highest rate of any state in the nation...     More

Affordable Housing

Homelessness is a large problem in Beaverton. There are no shelters within the city limits. Rents are climbing and people are losing their homes...     More

ESL - English Language Learners

Bethel partners with the Beaverton Literacy Council to teach English reading, writing, and conversation to adult immigrants...     More

Beaverton High School Homeless Students

Of the 40,568 Students in the Beaverton School District, 32.8% Qualify for Free or Reduced Lunch. At Beaverton High School, 44% qualify for the lunch program...     More