Sundays at 10:00 AM

At Bethel, our worship is designed to create opportunities to encounter the Living God.  We use many elements to create those opportunities: instrumental and vocal music, spoken and silent prayers, readings from the Bible, and teaching for children and adults.   
These basic pieces happen every Sunday morning.  But there is a wide range of style and content within our worship that blends traditional and contemporary forms.  

Mom, dad and daughter worshiping

Why Worship?

Our congregation gathers on Sunday morning for a variety of reasons:  

To be rejuvenated for the week ahead; 
To seek comfort and support during tough times; 
To hear a message of hope and affirmation; 
To find community and friendship; 
To unite with others who want to make the world a better place for everyone;  
To learn to grow in Christian faith; 
To be inspired to serve others – to connect their lives with a larger One.

Come visit us any Sunday at 10:00 AM or Contact Us!.

Bethel's Pastor leading Sunday worship


Our pastor occasionally preaches traditional, from-the-pulpit sermons, but most often presents his message in a conversational style that is illustrated with projected PowerPoint images. If it is a Multi-Generational Sunday, (when youth remains in worship), language and visuals are created with all ages in mind. There are moments of quiet contemplation and boisterous laughter.  We seek to reach all the dimensions of being human (brain, heart, spirit, body) and the full range of human emotion (joy, sorrow, despair and happiness).

You can listen to all the latest sermons from Bethel on our Blog.

Bethel's Music Director with Chancel Choir and strings at Worship Service


We have a concert quality organ that accompanies the choir and some of our traditional hymns, but we also have a wonderful youth rock band. A grand piano is often used for presenting solo and ensemble pieces. Our contemporary worship songs are led by a song leader who plays acoustic guitar.

For more about our Music Program and opportunities to participate, click HERE.

Bread, wine, and chalice for sacrament of communion at Bethel Worship Service


We celebrate two sacraments during worship: The Lord’s Supper, also called Communion, and baptism. Communion is typically offered on the second Sunday of each month. Baptism, by sprinkling of water, is celebrated for infants, youth and adults.