英語教室 - 全レベル及び米国市民権取得のクラス
Clases de inglés - Todos los niveles + ciudadanía
영어 반들 - 모든 영어 반 + 시민권
Lớp học Anh - Cho đủ các trình độ và cả lớp dạy thi quốc tịch
Satovi engleskog jezika - Svi stupnjevi + državljanstvo
英语课程 - 所有级别 + 公民知识
Aulas de inglês - Todos os níveis + preparatório para cidadania
Классы английского языка - Все уровни + подготовка к тесту на гражданство
Časovi engleskog jezika - Svi nivoi + državljanstvo
حصص لغة انجليزيه - كل المستويات+ مواطنه
Corsi di Inglese - Tutti i livelli o ai fini della cittadinanza

An ESL class, English as a Second Language at Bethel

ESL Classes

Bethel partners with the Beaverton Literacy Council (BLC) to teach English reading, writing, and conversation to adult immigrants. Classes are two nights a week, Tuesday and Thursday, from 7 to 8:30, from September through early June. We have 6 levels of ESL classes.

To study at Bethel, the prospective student will contact the BLC, take a placement test, and buy a textbook and workbook. The student's annual cost is $40, plus $40 for the books.

Do you know an adult who needs help with English? Please call the Beaverton Literacy Council for dates and times for placement testing.

Immigrants swearing in as US Citizens. Bethel offers class.


Bethel often offers a United States Citizenship Class.  Please call the Beaverton Literacy Council for more details.

Diverse group of volunteers raising their hands. Bethel ESL teachers are volunteers


All our teachers are volunteers. Some are from Bethel; others find their way to us through the Beaverton Literacy Council. There's no religious component to the coursework, teachers or students. Some volunteers have backgrounds as school teachers, but most don't. You don't have to know a foreign language to teach, because our students are from all over and their only common language is English. It does help if you've studied a foreign language in school, so you have an idea what your students are up against. Whenever possible, we start each new teacher out as an assistant to an experienced teacher. A typical class has 4 to 8 students.

Our students are fun, but seriously motivated by real-world needs. Almost all of them are literate in their native languages. Volunteers help immigrants to succeed in society and be role models within their families.

Students attend class two nights a week. Some of our teachers teach both nights, but some classes have Tuesday teachers and Thursday teachers, who coordinate their lessons through emails or phone calls.

Each class level has a teacher's manual that gives step-by-step instructions for teaching each lesson. We use the Future curriculum.

Are you interested in serving as a teacher, substitute, or teaching assistant? Contact Us!

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