Halloween Sunday at Bethel UCC in Beaverton

All Dressed Up and No Place to Go? Not anymore! On Sunday, October 29, you will have the opportunity to return to your roots… kid roots that is. It’ll be the Sunday before Halloween, and we’re having a “Dress Up in your Favorite Costume” Sunday at Bethel.

Our children and youth will be dressing up, and we’d like to see as many adults that can, dress up too. Even if it’s a hat, funny hat, crazy shirt, wild trousers, a feather boa, classy suspenders, outrageous jewelry, you name it. Wear it! Come to church on Sunday, October 29 dressed in your wildest, craziest or classiest outfit, hat, whatever, so that the kids know we all can be kids once in awhile.

Oh, and by the way, when you dress up to pretend it’s Halloween, pretend it’s actually Halloween by bringing candy or whatever you normally give out to Trick or Treaters. Why? Because the kids will be “trick or treating” in the Fellowship Hall after worship. Let’s truly make this a kids’ (young and not so young) Sunday to remember at Bethel!