Adult Education Sunday Morning at 9:00 AM

During the Lenten Journey the morning class will be exploring “Gifts of the Dark Wood” by Eric Elnes with Video and discussion from the Darkwood Brew study series. Have you failed recently? Do you feel lost, or like the road ahead is unclear? Are you ever tempted? Do you find any part of your life exhausting? Do you feel out of place among your peers, or society at large? Based on the themes explored in the book this video/discussion series explores the proposition that our best help on life’s journey often comes from the most unlikely and misunderstood of places: a place known famously, or infamously, as the Dark Wood. March 26: The Gift of Disappearing, video from chapter 7. April 2: The Gift of Misfits, video from chapter 8. April 9: Where we go from Here, video from chapter 9.