Bethel Weekly Highlights

Potato Bar Fundraiser

Sunday, April 2, the Faith Development Committee will host a Baked Potato and Salad Bar after church. This is our fund raiser for Camperships. A volunteer offering will be taken. Each week at Camp Adams costs $395. This is a great bargain, and our Bethel kids LOVE camp. Camperships make sure all kids can attend. Plan to join us after church and support the kids at camp.

Grubby Sunday

Sunday, April 2 is GRUBBY SUNDAY. Wear your work clothes to church.

Inside we are cleaning the kitchen, dusting, washing windows, vacuuming, organizing, and cleaning carpet spots.

Outside (rain or shine) we are edging, weeding, trimming, digging, and pressure washing. Bring your tools and garden gloves if you have them…but we have many tools in our shed that you can borrow. LABEL YOUR TOOLS.

After you have enjoyed a baked potato lunch, you will move to the Food Cupboard area where you can choose a job from the job wall. Many jobs can be completed by one person, but it’s always okay to work with a partner. When you find a job that fits you, take the card off the wall and put it on the round table. Some jobs will have you reporting to an area to help the person in charge.

Let’s get our church home spruced up for Easter!