Sunday Morning Announcement PowerPoint Slide Preparer Volunteer Job Description

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Sunday Morning Announcement Slide Preparer

Job Description

The Sunday Morning Announcement Slide Preparer (the Preparer) is responsible for preparing a PowerPoint presentation containing one slide for each article published in Bethel Highlights the Friday preceding Sunday worship and sending this slide presentation electronically to the pastor, the program coordinator, the Bethel Facebook administrator, and the other slide preparer(s) in a timely fashion each week. The Preparer will need to be able to summarize the Highlight’s articles since the amount of material in Highlights is often much greater than the amount one can present on a slide. The Preparer should have a working knowledge of PowerPoint software and, ideally, experience using it, including facility in choosing backgrounds, fonts, and images appropriate to the church year, the calendar year, and/or the current worship theme or emphasis. Attention to detail is critical. The task includes setting up the slide show, including looping and timing the slides.  In most cases the slide show should last no more than 3.5 minutes so that it can repeat 3 times during the 10 minutes before worship. Meeting this restriction may involve making judgements about how long each slide will appear and also what material to omit, if necessary. The Preparer must have sufficient time available on Friday and/or Saturday to complete the task.