Mendicant Pilgrimage

Ann Sieben, the “Winter Pilgrim,” has been a life-dedicated mendicant pilgrim since 2007. A mendicant pilgrim is one who travels on foot along ancient paths to significant destinations. She carries nothing of material value; no money, cell phone, camera, GPS unit, nothing anyone would be tempted to steal. Her pilgrim days are divided in two parts. One part is communing with nature, sensitive to the world surrounding her, as she walks village to village. The other part is communing with humanity; engaging with people and their communities to take care of her basic needs, like food and shelter. In these daily acts she is actively building trust in the world which is the foundation of peace.

Ann recently organized a 335 mile pilgrimage from Mound City, KS to St. Charles, MO, in devotion to St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, a French nun who came to the US 200 years ago to work with the Native Americans. This was a very ecumenical experience where all the pilgrims were hosted primarily by church communities along “The Way.” This pilgrimage will take place again this fall. 

Come hear Ann speak at Bethel on Sunday, June 24 at 11:30 AM in the Conference Room. More information can be found at her website