Beaverton School District Homeless Student Dashboard for 2018

FROM: Lisa Mentesana, Homeless Education/Foster Care Program Specialist
RE: Beaverton School District Homeless Student Dashboard for June 1, 2018

As we enter into the last month of school please know that each student who has been identified as McKinney-Vento eligible during the school year has been given an opportunity to remain in their school of origin with academic and social service support. Our program helps to stop the mobility in education for these highly mobile students. Services include transportation to and from their school of origin and/or transition services into the school community closest to where they're currently living. We also provide social service support through resource brokerage to partner agencies. These valuable community partnerships help our students and families move toward long term housing stability. The positive in this difficult situation is that as a community we are working together to address critical gap areas of need in services as well as affordable housing options. Also, that while well over 2000 children and youth in our school attendance area are living with housing insecurity, they're not dealing with school instability due to the lack of permanent and/or inadequate housing.

The Beaverton School District HELP Center is open to homeless students and parents during the summer months by appointment only. Over the next few weeks our staff will be sending letters out to the families and youth on our caseload letting them know how to communicate with us and offering basic resources for food and social services while school is not in session. 

Last but certainly not least we are so very grateful to all BSD staff and our amazing community partners who help to connect homeless students, families and youth to the Beaverton School District HELP Center and to support services within Washington County. Many thanks to you all!

With much appreciation always,

The BSD HELP Center Team
Beaverton School District HELP Outreach Center
4925 SW Angel Avenue, Beaverton, OR 97005