Compassionate Communication - Outside My Own Little World

This Fall we will begin the sermon series, "Outside My Own Little World" from Worship Design Studio. It seems the world these days teeters between those who seek to protect “their own” and those who dare to declare that all are worthy of compassion and care.  In this series, we will remember why we are a Body together—being the hands and feet of Christ in a frightened and hurting world. What better way to do that then joining Bethel's Compassionate Communication Learning Community (CCLC). The CCLC is designed to help us get out of our own little world and really see people for who they are and where they are at. Learn about making observations without judgments and interpretations, embracing feelings as need messengers, identifying needs - ours and others and getting to the "ask." We will experiment with a blended learning style that will have an online component as well as in-person practice opportunities. It will be held September 10 - November 12. Click here for an overview. Be sure to register for the class by emailing Beth. The overview and orientation is September 10 at 7 pm in the conference room.