Flat David


In 1964, author Jeff Brown published his children's book Flat Stanley, a story about a boy who gets flattened by a falling bulletin board and ends up traveling the world having adventures, traveling from place to place through the mail. In the 1990s, a Canadian school teacher sparked the Flat Stanley phenomenon, where paper versions of the book character would travel via the mail or in luggage and backpacks and be photographed on his travels. Inspired by this creative project, Bethel decided the Summer of Adventure wouldn't be complete without a FLAT DAVID!

If you have not already received your very own Flat David, make sure to grab one Sunday from the Connect table in the Narthex or from the church office. Flat David is a portable 2D version of our wonderful pastor, and will go home with members of the congregation while the 3D human Pastor David is off on sabbatical. Our hope is that he will accompany you on all of your expansive, courageous, contemplative, and joyous journeys this Summer of Adventure. Take pictures with Flat David on a hike, at a museum, on a mountain, in a foreign country, in your neighborhood, with family and friends, and while you take a moment to photograph that special moment, say a prayer for Pastor David in Alaska. Send your pictures to Courtney at the Bethel office or post to social media and the Misfits group using "#flatdavid"